September 10 2015

The Journey Begins

Welcome to my Journey. I am Ricky, the Mother of a child who is now in recovery. This has been a very frightening and difficult time in my life. Like so many mother’s around the world. We all sadly share in the pain and torment of our child, who has succumbed to some form of addiction.
There are so many Mother’s that have walked the same path. Trying desperately to lead some kind of normal life. But, then the thought always plays on your mind. My child is in pain and there is nothing I could do to help him.
It is my hope that my words will help you. I look forward to meeting you in text. To share in your experiences. As I share in mine. I truly believe that together we can make a significant change.
Why? Because we are the Mother’s of these children! It is time that we step up and say enough is enough. Our kids are dying!

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
Martin Luther King, Jr.