September 23 2015


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I am Ricky, I am the mother of a Beautiful Son, who grew up in a home with a Mother, Father, Brother and two Sisters. Our home was always full of Love, Caring and Trust..

My story, is about how I dealt with my youngest son, and how he became sick. With a disease that has effected so many families across the world. In one way or another. How I, tried desperately to cope with my life and my families lives as everything seemed to unravel before my eyes. My family was know longer the same. My Husband & I, my growing children and this child who was know longer the same person that I nurtured.

He is and always will be the light of my heart. I never thought I would have another, child. He came ten years after my first son.

I was in denial of the crisis that this boy was going through. Yes, there were so many signs. Being the mother who thought, she had all of the control. To a Mother, who realized there is no such thing as being in control. Of anything or anybody. My control was over myself and know other.

Control for me was, whatever I said. Whatever I stood for. My rules.

Were in place for my children to adhere to. Funny thing was, this Mother was listened to, until they started to grow up and make decisions for themselves. They past me by as they learned, grew and moved.

My Son, was the last to live with us. When he began High School, I was afflicted with a terrible illness that lasted for seven years. Leaving him to flounder. My son faced many challenges. During this time.

Trying desperately to figure out what he wanted to be, what he wanted to do with his life. On this road he experimented with many Drugs.

His last before he entered a Rehab Facility was, “HEROIN”!

I am forever grateful that he was SAVED! Today he is clean. By the Grace & Love, of G-d, My Son is alive and well.

He has made his life a, Mission to help People who have succumbed to this Disease! He has also grown to be a beautiful loving, caring man. With his family forever by his side with Love, Caring and Trust.



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About the Author

As the Mother of a, "Recovering Addict". I felt the need to write my story. It is my hope, that it will put a real face on the epidemic that is happening in our country. Knowledge, Courage and Love are what our children need to survive this crisis!


  1. By linda on

    Absolutely beautiful…the family never gave up on this young man


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