September 25 2015



At this time, My Son was in High School.

I woke in the morning with a terrible tooth ache. I called the Oral Surgeon. They told me to come right in. When he took me in, I sat in the chair as he examined my mouth. Before I knew it there was a mask over my nose, I was breathing in and out. I drifted off into a deep sleep. When I was awakened, it was dark in the room. My Husband was sitting right beside me. “Honey are you alright”? As, the fog cleared I started to cry. Maybe the tears were because of the sedation, I think it was because my life as I had known it would change for many years.

We left the doctors office and went home. As the medication wore off, I was not feeling to good. Shocks of discomfort and pain, that was not there before emerged. It grew worse. The feeling was like “A lightening storm was going on in my mouth and my tongue was throbbing. As if someone was sticking a knife in my tongue.

My Husband called the doctor to tell him what was happening and he prescribed a Tylenol.

The next day I returned to the office. I started to tell him how I was feeling. My words were coming out but it did not sound like me. The words were distorted. He examined me and explained, “Well, whatever happened to you was not the Oral Surgeons fault”!

“He Continued, There is nothing that we can do for you!”

I was a Teacher of Hairdressing at this time. I also worked in a salon I had many clients and did hair at home. Life was great!

Well as time went on I had to give up my jobs. It was so hard to have a conversation. Not only that, drink liquid, eat, anything that had to do with my mouth was out of the question. It was so painful.

I went to my regular Doctor. I had to write down everything that was wrong. Because I wanted him to understand what I was going on with me. I hope he had an answer for me. He prescribed pain pills, thank G-d what ever pain medication, he prescribed was not addictive.

This went on for so long.

I saw seventy doctors in seven years.

It affected my family, I could not sit at the table with them to eat. They would watch in horror as I tried to eat. Believe me I tried so hard to show them that I was alright.

The doctors that I went to see were very expensive. I went to a Doctor in New York City, he was a neurologist for a big hospital, very fancy office. We sat and spoke, he had a name for my illness.

“Trigeminal Neuralgia“! I was sent for allot of tests. My diagnosis was that, damage had been done to the “Trigeminal Nerve”, in my mouth & tongue. I was sort of relieved in the fact that it had a name.

On returning for another consultation, he explained, “there is a surgery for your illness. I sat there thinking what if a mistake in the surgery happens. And I am left, being a vegetable for the rest of my life. I said, no thanks”.

I visited a Lawyer, because I new that the Oral Surgeon hurt me. I was so hoping I had a case. The pain was really bad. I had the whole story written down for the lawyer to read. He looked up at me and said, “You have to get another Doctor, to say that he hurt you, in order for me to take this case!” “Really I replied, and what doctor was going to do that?” Well there was not one doctor that would agree that he did this.

Without my salary things started to get pretty bad. We had gone through most of our savings. I had to get a job. Working behind a chair was out of the question. I could not talk. Hairdresser’s are known for talking to their clients!

Some days the pain was so bad that I would just stand in the shower and let the water run on my body for some kind of comfort.

At the end of the seventh year, I received a flier in the afternoon, it had a picture and information of a Neurologist, not far from my home.

The article said that he specialized in the illness of “Trigeminal Neuralgia“. I called and made an appointment to see him. I also asked my older Son to come with me. I brought with me three binders full of all the information from every doctor that I had seen. He spoke with me, as I began to speak, he said, “There is a surgery that can possibly heal you!“ He started to talk about, Gamma Knife Surgery!

He explained that it was non-evasive, they would not have to cut me.

The surgery is radiation pin pointed at the area where the nerve is damaged. He told me to look it up online and see the operation on the web site. I went home and did what he said. Made an appointment for the surgery the next day.

I went for the surgery, he said, “It will take a few days the pain will decrease!” Soon my nightmare was over. Well, sure enough the surgery did help me!

G-d, must have said……. “I think you have had enough of this”!

The pain was gone. I thank G-D everyday.

I must tell you that there are so many people with this terrible pain.

Trigeminal Neuralgia is an illness that very few Doctors understand.

Imagine not being able to kiss your children!

The pain is indescribable. Excruciating.