March 20 2016


black woman



My friend is on “CRACK”, we live in the same development. I am so heart broken for her. It is so frustrating when you meet people and they have a terrible secret of addiction. She came to my house and told me that she and her boyfriend had a big fight. They have been living together for over twenty five years.

She started to tell me the story of how she grabbed him by the neck and started to choke him. When she realized that he was not breathing she let go and he caught his breath. He in turn called the police and they arrested her, she was in jail for two weeks.

This was not the first time that she went to Jail. When it came time to eat, her description of what was given to her was, it tasted like Dog Food. They treated her as a criminal. She explained to me that he degraded her every chance he could get and said terrible things to her. She is Black and he is White. He verbally abuses her every chance he gets. Saying unspeakable words to her. She explained how she just snapped and could not take it anymore.

She started to cry. And Said, “I do not know why he treats me so bad. I love him.

I keep a clean home and cook, clean and make sure he that he is happy!”

She was arrested for assault.

No one cared enough to asked her if she was being abused or degraded.

He dropped the charges, but she could not go home for a week or they would arrest her again. She then lived on the street! No family and no friends. She is back in her home left to face another day. On the hunt for drugs to take the pain away. Because the person that she loves abuses her. I asked her, why she stay’s?

Her answer was, “Where would I go”.

She graduated college with a Masters. Such a beautiful woman, both good inside and out. With grown children. But her addiction has made her hit bottom and she is lost to the Demon.

She is Fifty Two and he is in his Seventies. Her whole life she has been hooked, her addiction is so bad that she is always knocking on the neighbors doors for money.

Today she came to my door I would not open it. She told me that she wanted me to have a flower that she had grown in her back yard. I told her that I could not be her friend again until she went to rehab. I said that I cared and that she was a good person. “Please get help I said, I know someone who can get you into rehab right away!”

As she walked away throwing her hands up in the air, she said,

“Ya, Ya, many people have told me that“…………..

If she would only go to Rehab. Her life would change so dramatically. This woman would have another chance for a good life. Her mind would think clearly. She would have the help of a Rehabilitation Program.

I will pray that the next time that she comes to my door she will be seeking Help for her Addiction.

When she finally decides that she must enters rehab, I will bring her a bouquet

of flowers and call her my friend once again.