October 4 2015



My Son had a very nice girlfriend, they were planning to move in together. It came about that, there was an apartment available. Two towns away. They moved into it. The house was getting empty as we were packing. With all of My Son’s things now at his apartment. He was know longer the center of attention. I tried to breathe. After the incident with his friend, it was always on my mind,

What If He……..!  What if I get a call………, WHAT IF!

My Son, came over and started to tell me that he wanted to get Tim, into a Recovery Center. Could I please help him. I was so surprised.

He had found one, and he called. They told him, that they could except Tim. The next day I drove him to the center. His Mother was still ill, and she did not have a car. It was a small facility. I had never been to one before. They had two buildings, one for Woman and one for the Men. We went in and we were introduced to the, Man that ran the place. He was very cordial and spoke with Tim in a room. I waited outside in a separate area. I sat there thinking that My Son, should be doing this. Why am I here, taking Tim?

A man entered and started a conversation with me, thinking that I was Tim’s Mother. I explained that I was just a friend. When they came out Tim, decided that he was going to stay. I was relieved. I hugged him and told him, how proud of him I was. He asked, “ Can you please bring some of my clothes back here?” I said, “I will.“ I was in the car, while driving through the facility, I saw a lot of men playing basket ball. When I got home I called, My Son to tell him that Tim decided to stay.

I cooked diner for the family one last time. They all came over! It was wonderful and sad at the same time. My Husband raised a glass to his Children. And we all toasted to new beginnings.

I looked around the table, My Children were now grown. How could I leave them? It was so hard. But there was “No Choice”. My Husband was going to be unemployed. The house was going to be sold. There was know way we could stay here, because the cost of living was to high. It seemed that we made the right choice.

I spoke with my Mom. She said, “there is a Condo available!” In her complex. Get a ticket and come see it before it is taken.” So after speaking with the Land Lady. I flew down the following weekend.

The condo was in a beautiful development not far from my parents.

I walked in and the people that owned it were wonderful. I signed the papers and realized that this was really happening. “Wow, we are moving to warmer weather, that was my first thought!” My Husband was so happy and so was I.

When I returned to the house, I had a better perspective on what to bring. I left a lot, because I felt what are we going to need that for!

We had a safe behind a wall in the closet. Every week we would put an envelope of money in it. It was our way of saving.

For our,  “New Life!”

I had opened the safe. I started to remove the envelopes, only to find that some of them had been opened…………..

The envelopes were ripped and torn, the money was,

“GONE, Thousands of Dollars!”

I went out of my mind. I was crying and screaming, how did this happen? I was to scared to call My Husband. I knew that, with the pressure that he has been under with his job ending. And, this move.

Not to mention, what was going on with, Our Son. It was just too much.

I waited for him to come home.

My Husband, called Our Son. He said, “Your Mother And I need to see you, tonight!” His voice cracked as he spoke,

“I will not take “No “ for an answer. You are to come here now!”

When My Son entered the house, he could see that we were so upset.

He told me to go into the other room. I looked at him, again he said,

”Go into the other room!”

My Husband said, “ How did you get into the safe? Was that your money to take? Who do you think you are? I heard him smacking, My Son and screaming at him!”

My Son, admitted to taking the money!

We were devastated. Our eyes were opened to the heartbreaking fact that,

“Our Son, was a “Drug Addict!”