October 2 2015


heroin spoon

I had received a phone call. From the Rehabilitation Center. They were calling to see, how My Son was and if he was going to make it there. I explained that he was doing much better. “At, this time I believed that he was not doing drugs.” I thanked him for the call. He relied, If you need me, just call!

My Son, asked us if he could have, Tim stay with us for a while, his mother was ill.

He stayed in our home for a couple of months. My Son, seemed to be doing much better. He was working and helping us around the house.

The packed boxes were growing in one of the bedrooms. He had been keeping a steady job, and was looking better. And, acting better. He had me believe, that he was no longer taking “Drugs’! Tim was looking for work. I used to talk to him and asked him how he thought, My Son, was doing. If he thought that he was still using! “The thought never crossed my mind that Tim, might be using also! They both seemed to be happy. Not getting into any trouble. They made me believe that everything was alright.”

The blank stares were gone. They both looked healthy and they went to work out at a local gym, almost every day. My Son started to eat again.

One night at about two in the morning I hear a commotion going on down the hallway. Out side my bedroom was a door that led to the back yard, the door had windows where I could see, My Son climbing up a ladder to a bedroom, where “Tim had shot himself up with Heroin, and was passed out on the floor.”

 I woke my husband, we ran down the hallway to the room and found his friend on the floor barely alive! I was immobilized. I stared at his face, his eyes were so white. His face was almost a grey color. My Husband & My Son, were on the floor trying desperately to give him CPR. My Son was screaming, “Come on Tim, as he slapped his face, WAKE UP!

I called the police. I could barely get the words out, I was hysterical crying. “My Son’s friend has, “Over Dosed and we need your help”!

“I did not know that this kid was doing that! Did it occur to me at the time that, My Son, was doing it to”!

“NO, Not My Son”! “Well if I did not wake up then, when was I going to wake up “!

My home was filled with Policeman, there were so many cars outside, they had the lights on in the street, it looked like day time. They were all coming into the house. I stood there and watched in “HORROR.!” My house was now filled with, “ Police Officer’s”!

They were all “SILENT”! They stood like Army Men with their hands folded in front of them. I remember approaching one of them, I asked him, “Do you have Children, his response was yes”.

I said “Just Love Them”.

When the paramedics finally came and revived Tim. They put him on a stretcher. As they were rolling him out, he sat up and said……

“I am so sorry, Mrs. R. !”

“I was just happy that he was “Alive”!

The Police, watched what was going on and then they all left, without a word.

 When your child is on “DRUGS”,  they are physically and emotionally out of touch. Yes, it is the child you bore but no longer are they mentally there. They are craving what ever it is that they are on and they will do anything to get it. It does not matter if you are the Mother, Father, Brother or Sister. Any one, that is available to them! They will scheme bribe and take whatever they can, to get the money for the habit. I am sure this Physical Need, makes them Hunger for the next High. They will do whatever it takes to accomplish it!

We followed them to the hospital, when we got there, My Son was outside. When our eyes met he looked scared, he was biting his nails. He had nothing to say! Tim’s, Mother was already there. My Son must have gone to pick her up. My Husband & I went into the, Emergency Room.  The Doctor, check on Tim. He was there a few hours and they let him leave. He walked out of there on his own!

This is something I could not understand. “Tim almost, Died of an Over Dose of Heroin, why was there, “No Action taken? Why was he allowed to leave?”  The fact is,  “They have  Rights”, when your child is of that age 18. Legally, the child has,

“His Right to whatever decision he makes.”

Even if they are hurting themselves. Tim, must have agreed that he did not want to stay there because he physically needed the next high. As, a parent you get to watch your child making the wrong decision and you are powerless.

This was the time, that his Mother should have stepped up and, ” Taken Care of Her Son!” Is this why, Tim moved in with us? So he and My Son, could reek havoc knowing that, my Love for the both of them. Would keep me blind to the fact that they, were in cahoots with one and other. “Now Shooting Up Heroin, Together in My House!”

Maybe she had known all along. Or maybe, She just did not have the strength to deal with him.

“Or tell me!”

There is absolutely no quick fix to this disease. The only recourse is to enter a Rehabilitation Center.

The only way they can be excepted, is if they hit Rock Bottom. If they really feel, deep down inside that they have a,


I never at that time asked, My Son if he was “Shooting Up Too”!

I was to “SCARED”,to Hear the Answer!