September 30 2015


bottle of pillsWhat a beautiful day it was, the sun was shining and we were all in the back yard. It was in the afternoon. My kids were there in the pool, and My Husband was, firing up the grill. It was a real family day and we were all together. I loved days like this!

I heard My Son, talking to someone. “Hey glad you could make it he said”! I looked up and there was a boy about the same age as My Son.

He was walking over. Dressed beautifully, tall and handsome. Clean cut. He was telling My Son, that he just got a brand new car.

Unknowingly when a “Demon” enters your house, there is no mercy!

“KILLER”, was a boy from a town away, but went to school with, My Son and his friends. I never had met him before. He introduced him to everyone. We are a very welcoming family, If you like the person, then we like the person. He seemed very friendly.

As, a family there is supposed to be an avenue of trust. Where each member values one and other. Love’s one and other. Try’s to keep everyone safe from harm’s way. Each person, has the responsibility to invite other’s whom are good people.  Especially, into your home!

 In other words Family needs to have, “TRUST, In One & Other”.

Later on that day, after everyone had left. My Son explained that “KILLER”, had been in an accident and received a lot of money from a case. He went on to say that his Mother was ill and she took a lot of pain medication for her illness.

Then it must have just dropped out of his mouth, from a Fogged Brain. He said, “He sells her pills for extra money!” Then he laughed. As My Son went into his room, my heart sank.

“So this is the Demon”! …..This “Snake,”……. came to my house to sell, My Son DRUG’S.!

While we were having a moment, of love with all of our children.

A small space in time, that for me was normal. But nothing was normal.

Things began to change…….My husband was told by the company, he worked for. Was going to close all of the stores. He worked there thirty five years. He told them that he would stay till the end. This put such a strain on us, soon he would have to find a job.

My Husband and I, put the house up for sale. We wanted to move out of New York. We had our house up for sale for quite a while. There were so many people coming to see it, but the “Bank” never agreed to anyone’s bid. So far the house is still there.

Well, we both started to make a plan to move. It was a big house to pack up. I began to have yard sales. Every day I was going through the house and picking things to pack or not. This went on for about a couple of month. So the house was starting to look empty.

Our children were very upset. But we realized that staying in the area, we lived in for almost twenty years, we just could not afford it. Rents were very high, on anything we had looked at.

One Day when I was knee deep in stuff, from the linen closet. My Son, woke up late, he was in the kitchen, I came in and told him he could not use the car. He was no longer keeping it together.

He was very ,“High”.  He got very Angry with me and started to slam things around, Yelling, that he had to go to work.” I was not giving in because I knew he had taken “Drugs”! I said, “No, in the state you are in, if you drove you would Kill Yourself or Someone Else. He went back to his room. About an hour later a car pulled up in the drive way.

It looked kind of familiar to me. My Son, rushed to the front door. With a back pack full of his clothes.

He Shouted at Me, ”I Am Out Of HERE”! To my surprise the person that got out of the car was the “DEMON”! That clean cut kid. That was at my house. When we had all of our children over.

My Son, got into his brand new car and they both drove away!

I remember it being a Friday, I had the plan set in motion for the intervention. I waited for his Dad to come home, when he did. We had the chance to discuss what we were going to say to our Boy! I had gone on the internet and printed out some material on “What Drugs were doing to his body, I planned to also read the “Ten Commandments to him”! I packed two suit cases for the trip to ……

“Save this Precious Child of Ours!”

My Son, had a Girlfriend at the time. We had let her in on our intentions and she was very happy about it. She brought him to the house at a designated time. It was the four of us. My other Children were not there. I had come to find out, that they were very mad at him. Know one would explain why.

My Son came with his girlfriend, when they entered the house she said to him, “Your Parents want to talk to You!” We were all sitting at the dining room table. I began to say, “Son we are all sitting here with you because, you have a problem. We all Love You very much and we want you to get better.” His expression was one of astonishment.

“What do you mean I have a problem”!

I began reading the information, about what taking drugs can do to you. He did not show any emotion. He just sat there. I went on to say that,” his life was worth living, because he was so loved by everyone!”

His Father spoke to him also. “We want you to get well!” His girlfriend asked him to please listen to us, she wanted the same thing.

I told him that we wanted him to go to a Rehabilitation center in Florida. I Said, “I will go with you”!

“His response to all of us was I am not going! I do not need it! There is nothing wrong with me!”

All the while shaking his head, NO!