September 27 2015


Scan0009My Son had a friend. Since eighth grade, I will call him Tim. He was a great kid that came from a broken home. His parents were divorced and he lived with his Mom. His father was never around. They were both on the “Foot Ball Team”. Also, were all the other friends that My Son and Tim used to hang out with. There were about five other guys.

This was their time, they were all so into it. They were great. Loved to practice. Taking, My Son to a game was so much fun! He would play, “I Get Knocked Down” , on the radio blasting all the way there.

He had a fire, in him. And, it was grand to see. You could just feel his spirit. Happy times.

About this time “Prom”, was just around the corner. My Son was dating a beautiful girl at the time. She was a dancer and wanted to be a “Rockette” at Radio City. They were seeing each other for about a year. It was so peculiar, to me that she never wanted to be around, My Sons friends. They used to fight about it.

He was so good at keeping this secret life, that we had no clue!

Well, she broke up with My Son, about three days before the Prom.

He went to the Prom with another girl that I might have met once. I went to the house where everyone was meeting. All the parents were there to take pictures. What a site, all of them in Tuxes and Gowns. Just Beautiful.

We had a big party for My Son, after his graduation. We were so proud of him. Our back yard was filled with all our family and friends. Today was his day. Was there Drinking yes. Was there “Pot” yes.

Did I ever think that addiction, would enter my house? NO!

Now, we were getting ready to go to college!

Who new that “Mr. Secret”, was going to change the course of his life.

And sadly the course of Ours and Our Families!

                          ” The Demon, began his recklessness”!

Author’s Note:  As, I write and remember the past. I am saddened to the fact that, this was the time MY Son, started to experiment with, “Pills”!