October 31 2015


praying mom2

My Son is now a “Recovering Addict”.

 He is a Man, who had woken up from a terrible nightmare!

 The years of experimentation with different, “Drugs.” As a young teenager. All the while making appearances at different family functions, school and a job. Facing his Sisters and Brother.

 His Father & I.

Trying desperately to hold onto reality. He wanted to be a normal teenager. That never took drugs. He new that his mistake had sucked him into an empty space in time. Where he did know how he was acting. His mind no longer equipped, with control over his actions. The “Drugs”, were causing him to change into, someone that he never wanted to be. He was playing make-believe, trying desperately  to hang on to the person he used to be.

But  his  reality, his inner spirit was being swallowed up by the “Drugs”. His life turned into a fast paced whirlwind of the need to get the next high. His actions were despicable, wicked and disgraceful.

So many years wasted. But were they really? My Son has so much ambition and strength. He has made a complete turn around with his life. I am so happy that whatever he had learned during his young life, was still somewhere inside of him.

The “Demon” did not have the power to take away the “Love” in his heart!

 He new his, Family would stand by him. Love him and be there for him.

Because all of us gave him reinforcement.

With all the strength in his soul he came out of the darkness with so much love in him. Also, he was so thankful to everyone. Being with My Son, in Church gave me goose bumps! As we all raised up out of our seats. There he was in a row in front of me. I saw tears streaming down his face.

Thank You G-d, for making this Journey with My Son.  You Saved Him from the “DEMON!”

I too, began tearing up and thanking the Almighty,

for giving him back to us and the world.

My Son, was now planning his future. He new what, he wanted to do with his life.

These are his words.

Ambrosia South

Residential Manager

2015 Personal And Professional Goal List Personal Goals

· Put enough money aside to buy my own car, and to move into my own apartment with my girlfriend. I estimate that I will need about $4,500 saved in the bank to do each task. About $2,000 down for a car. And use the rest to pay for 1st month’s rent and a security deposit. With some money left for furniture and knick knacks.

· Join a Gym preferably You Fit. Get back into the same shape if not better then when I was in High School,

right before my addiction took off.

 · Completely finish my step work; I currently am on step 8. Make more meetings and sponsor 5 people by February.

· I plan to return to college. I need another 40 credits to get my associates degree. And would like to continue to achieve my Bachelors Degree in the future.

· Continue to grow spiritually; and achieve a better relationship with my Higher Power.


Professional Goals

· I found my passion while my short time working with Ambrosia Treatment Center. I would like to take the courses to become a fully licensed BHT. I love to help people and especially fellow Alcoholics and Addicts.

· Continue to learn different skills and techniques that may allow me to grow within this company.

· Earn more responsibility as a Residential Manager.

By continuing to grow as a leader and learn the ins and outs of my

position and different tasks at hand.

Here was a young adult learning, how to  plan for his life. Something that he, had never had the chance to do.

 Setting goals, and striving to accomplish them. I see him finally working on himself. Seeking with good intensions. With so much humility. All of these good qualities are growing inside him.

By combating, a force stronger than he was. G-d gave him the ability to reach into his soul and fight for his life.

My Son grabbed the rope and clung to it. With whatever strength he had in his very being. And, He pulled himself out of the darkness,  that he was in. From that day on he grew stronger and stronger. Never looking back. Only moving forward. The Rehab Facility gave him the tools that he needed. To have the courage to look beyond all of his anguish. Turning his torment and pain into serenity and composure.

For this I am so grateful!

 My Son’s Words– Six months today. Wow I can honestly sit here and say I never thought I would see the day. The changes in my life, are unbelievable. The people I have met down in Florida, have been amazing. I’ve never met such loving caring individuals in my life. G-d put me on this long journey for a specific reason. I will be forever grateful. For all of the things he has done. My family has stood by me though thick and thin.

What a roller coaster ride it’s been.

– Sky is the limit

 Had a great evening with my mom. She picked me up from work and I treated her to dinner at, Brio in city place. The tears of joy coming from her eyes. Realizing I’m actually doing, “LIFE right!”

This time was an amazing feeling for me.

“I love you mom!”

“Tonight was such a magical night”!  “Come on Mom, I want to take you out to eat!” I was so surprised. Here I was wearing shorts and a tee shirt. No Make-up on, my hair was a mess. He was directing me to down town, as I was driving. We were now at “City Place!”  Which is a very beautiful shopping area in Florida. It has many restaurant’s. I was very self conscious about the way I looked. “Mom, you look beautiful to me, so let’s go!” So I followed him. My anxiety left me, as we strolled along the cobble stone street. He said hello, to many of the people, that were sitting outside. He introduced me to them. When we approached the restaurant I realized that it was “White Glove service!”  “It’s O. K. Mom!” He saw me looking down at what I was wearing, with a frown on my face. Understandably, Woman were dressed up and the Men were wearing suits. It was when we were seated.

At that point I really could care less, because I was with My Son. He was all that mattered to me.

At the restaurant we ate, talked and laughed. I was so amazed that we spoke calmly and happily.

There were times during diner that, as I looked at him he appeared to be younger. Than his still younger self, of 25 years.

“How did time pass so quickly I thought”. Our conversation was very warm & comforting to me. How bright and happy he is. When the bill came, He gave me a flashy smile, that he can only do! He picked up the bill fold, whipped out the money & paid for diner.

Tears welled up in my eyes and I began to cry. He smiled and said,

” Please don’t cry Momma Love”.

Sitting before me was a Man

I love you My Darling Son*


“Had a great evening with My Mom. She picked me up from work and I treated her to dinner at

Brio in, City Place.

The tears of joy coming from her. Realizing I’m actually doing this thing, called life


This time was an amazing feeling.”

I love you Mom