October 25 2015


 never loose hope

My Dear Son Christopher,

I’m very proud that you took this big step and are getting the help and support you need to get clean.

You have so much going for you, great personality, warm and loving, smart and caring.

You know you can accomplish anything you set your mind too.

Some things ahead will be challenging for you, but set your foundation firmly, decide what you want from your life than GO FOR IT!

Your family will always be in your corner, loving you and giving you the support you may need to reach the sky.

Never give up on yourself because I never will. You are my pride and joy.

From the day you were born, I knew you were special and that’s why I named you Christopher (in Christ’s footsteps).

I will stop here, I can’t see through my tears of happiness.

Be well, Be happy, Be you!



Recovering from an Addicted Child

We are the parents to a child who succumbed to Heroin,

We are Broken. While our child is recovering we are trying to hold onto our own lives. We were looking so forward to our retirement only to find our selves having to work. To start all over again. I think it is human to resent. I dislike what has happened to My Son and My Family.

I am not blaming My Son, for any of this.

I feel the responsibility lies with, “DEMON’S”, that are in the business of making our children “SICK”! The consolation of these actions. Comes from our terrific law enforcers. We are now hearing news that there is a change coming. People are coming together, and realizing that this is an epidemic that has to be dealt with. New laws are being passed.

There is hope!

We are now rebuilding a future for ourselves at this stage in our lives. Now we turn to each other, My Husband and I. During these years we have not had the time or thought of our own health, which has led to illness and depression. On both our selves. Now trying to salvage whatever we have and pick our selves up.

For once not thinking of anyone but each other.

Because when your children grow and have their own family. You are both alone, after all the years of raising them. Your job is now done. You must find the strength to rebuild whatever was lost, when your child has succumbed to addiction. There is so many who have to dig into their pockets to come up with money to pay a high price for their child to be in Treatment.

Then there is the time when they are ready to enter back into civilization. Sometimes jobs are very hard to find. Whatever jobs are available to them do not pay a good enough wage for them to make it on their own, so that is the time that they come back to you. They think, that you will always be there with your wallet open for them. Well that just makes matters worse.

The day that you close your wallet and say “NO!” Is a smart day!

What are the consequences of that action. I was the enabler, I know that now. Am I still an enabler? Or am I the Mother that just wants her Child to live a normal life, I cannot any longer deal with the anxiety of not paying my bills on time because my child needed a couple of bucks till pay day. This is still a struggle as the Child does not understand that. Why is there no understanding? Maybe there is a feeling on his part that he is entitled, I do not know. Or, it is because we want to stand by him, we have the need to help him.

I feel as though I am in quick sand and sinking deeper as the days go on. It is time for him to stand on his own two feet and deal with the reality that maybe one job is just not enough.

After all, His Father is working two jobs! I work six days a week. For how long will this have to go on. There is not going to be a retirement for us. We will have to work for the rest of our lives.

Like so many other parents that are depleting their savings. Digging deep into their pockets to save their children’s lives.

Their nest eggs, stocks, bonds and they are also borrowing the money. Especially when their child has no

health insurance.

It is a crisis in so many families lives. It leaves you with nothing. The saddest most heart breaking family are the people that do not have health insurance. How about this number-$10,000.00. That is the cost to get your child into some of the Rehabilitation Facilities.

There are many not for profit organizations, that pay for a clients care. But, how does anyone get picked for that? Are there certain criteria’s that they have to meet? Or is it first come first serve?

Then there are people that make donations. They are truly hero’s, people that have money and know that there is an emergency in saving some ones life!

Recovery is a life long progression when someone has been using “Heroin.”

Of course your child needs help. So it is a double edge sword.

You want to continue to do what you could do. Because you want your child whole again.

Will the time eventually come when, Parents will have to have Fund Raising events.

For their Children who have fallen?

We are increasing awareness! Doctors are increasing awareness!

As a Society we must continue the fight for people to finally come to an understanding that this is a War.

It is an outrage.

When families are struggling to live their lives.

G-d forbid that, “Drugs” enters their homes. Devouring everyone in it’s path.