October 24 2015


happy birthday

My Son spoke to me about wanting to work for a Rehab Facility. Helping people to recover.

He had found his calling. He finally new what he was meant to do with his life.

I wrote this letter to the owner of The Treatment Facility.

Hello Mr. Russell,

This has been the most amazing journey for our family. You, have taken our broken child and made him whole again. G-d has given you the gift of healing broken children, and we were so blessed when our Son came to the treatment Center that you created.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It is truly wonderful when you look at your child that has suffered from an addiction, that you as a parent found yourself helpless, come back to life & is able smile and say I Love YOU Mom & Dad.

G-d Bless You

Our Son, eventually move into a, Half Way House. It was a large community of Condo’s. There were four bedrooms. It was a very nice place. New kitchen cabinets, new appliances. A living room, dining area and two bathrooms. There was also a patio. Fully furnished.

*Halfway Houses are transitional living places for those in recovery from drugs or alcohol. In some states, because of legal requirements, the term “sober living house” is used. Some people go to halfway houses from a treatment center, prison, or a homeless situation, while others go there to be in a sober and clean environment to begin the recovery process. Some residents are in halfway houses due to court orders.

Most halfway houses require residents to pass breathalyzer and drug screening tests as they aren’t equipped to deal with withdrawal symptoms from drugs or the DT’s (Delirium tremens, which are associated with severe alcohol withdrawal). If you can’t pass these tests, a treatment center might be your best option.

How a Halfway House is Managed

Many halfway houses are run by people who themselves were at one time a halfway house resident. The houses accommodate either men or women.

Most people who don’t seek recovery from alcohol or drugs will end up on “skid row,” in jail, an insane asylum, or dead. If you are concerned about a friend or family member, an intervention can be the best help for them if they are not yet in recovery. The good news is that 85% of interventions that are properly carried out result in the person seeking some kind of help. Most interventions carried out without help from people well versed in addiction fail.

Determining the Primary Addiction

In seeking recovery from drugs or alcohol, it is important to identify which is the primary addiction — alcohol or drugs. Due to economics, halfway houses are set up to house both alcoholics and drug addicts. In order to obtain optimal results, the person in recovery should focus on either the program of Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, depending on what the primary addiction is. A person who is addicted to alcohol will relate better to AA and the person addicted primarily to drugs will relate better to fellow drug addicts.

How to Choose a Halfway House

In choosing a Halfway House, ask around local AA or NA meetings about those with good reputations, or check with a respected treatment center. Also, choose one that is reasonably near the meetings you will be attending. Most halfway houses accommodate residents until 6 months to a year or two of continuous sobriety or clean time. Houses that have a range or recovery time for people currently residing at the house, such as someone with one month, 90 days, and 6 months are preferable to one with all residents with under 30 days in recovery. Also, those with a live-in manager are generally better choices. Some houses have a democratic process, in which the residents choose who will be coordinator or manager.

Advice for Family & Friends

One of the best things you can do to be supportive of a friend or family member who is struggling with addiction to alcohol is to get involved with Al-Anon/Alateen , which has been helping friends and family for over 55 years.

Family and friends of people addicted to drugs can go to Nar Anon.


If your loved one is not yet in recovery, an intervention may be appropriate.

The good news is that 85% of interventions that are properly carried out result in the person seeking treatment. It is of great importance to seek advice from a specialist in the area of intervention. Most interventions carried out alone or without profession help are not effective. A great resource in the field of intervention is Love First.

Gain as much knowledge as possible to help your loved one. Read all the content from this website. Talk to others who have been there to get their experience, strength, and hope.

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There was a main office where he had to report to. I had called and spoke with a woman who worked their. I asked her if we could come and surprise My Son, for his Birthday. She was so excited, she told me that, it was very rare that any family would do that. We set the date for the following Saturday at 1:00.

My Husband and I amazed him by bringing pizza for everyone. I also brought the Birthday cake! There was about twenty people there. They were all in the back yard. Including Our Son. Sitting at wooden pick nick tables. Some just talking, some playing cards.

He did not know we were coming. The look on his face, was one of disbelief!

This gesture made him feel that, Real Life was finally taking place. All the other people were so happy. Everyone sang to him, “I was so happy that, He Was Happy!”

I will never forget that, there was one Boy, he must have been the same age as Our Son. I had the feeling that he was overcome with emotion. He began to argue with another Boy and a fight started.

Quickly the people from the office came out and broke it up. The boy was removed. They took him inside.

The party resumed, all of them were so thankful to us for everything.

So many Parents cannot be with their children when they are going through Rehabilitation.

Children no matter how old, need their Parents and Family.

We were so lucky that we could be with Our Son. I feel that, they need something tangible. Something to hold onto. Yes, speaking on the phone or on skype is wonderful. But, if a letter is written in your hand writing. Or you send something other than money or clothing.

Just to make them Feel that you are there!