October 9 2015


guy in airport

The days grew long. I would speak to, My Husband.  Every night on Skype. As, he was now back at the house, that we were trying to sell.

I had gone to a school that was nearby. To take a class that, I needed for my cosmetology license. I found out that it was a Cosmetology School, so I brought a resume with me. After the class was over, I left the resume with the front desk. They called me the same day.

I went back and interviewed with the owner. I “Got” the Job.

I was so excited. I have been a “Cosmetology Teacher,” for many years.

My Son’s addiction was getting worse. My Children were keeping an eye on him. They would call and tell me what he had been up to. Always, asking them for money. Even though he was working. How terrible he was looking. His girlfriend broke up with him. And, he wound up moving back into the house with his Father.

My Children have always watched out for their Brother. He was the youngest, there is a ten year difference,

between him and my older Son.

I talked to My Husband, the Rehab Facility was not far from where I was living. We decided for, My Husband to talk to him. Try and tell him. That he needs to come as soon as possible. The next day I called the Facility, I asked if he was here, could they take him they said, “Yes.” Well surprisingly, after talking to his Father, he agreed. We bought the ticket and he packed some clothes and came.

But not without getting a “FIX”, before he got on the plane! I was sickened. I tried to stay positive. It took a lot for my, Husband to give him the money to buy what he needed. He said his goodbyes to the family and his Brother & Sister’s.

There was a problem when he got to the airport. Something with, the plane already taking off. He called me and had me speak to the lady at the desk. She must have been an “Angel”!

I explained My Son’s situation. She asked, me if I would mind going to a different airport to pick him up. I said, “Where ever you can, have him land tonight, I will go!” So she was able to get him on a flight and he would land at about 8:30. It took me about one and half hours to get to the airport. I was exhausted, from working all day.

Thank goodness I had a GPS. I would have never gotten there without it. I parked the car. When I entered the airport, I found out the plane was delayed. I waited downstairs where, I would be able to seem him come out of the terminal, right in front of the escalator.

There he was coming down the escalator!

Time stood still for a split second. My mind wandered to an earlier time. When he would,

“ Run into my arms and give me a hug, “Screaming, Momma Love!”

I caught him looking at me. With a big smile on his handsome, “Grey Tinted Face.” I showed no emotion. I turned away from him and started out of the building to the car. He was following right behind me, without saying a word.

When we both got in the car, and closed the doors. A great anger came over me and I started to do the unthinkable. I reached over and started to hit him. “Screaming at him over and over why!”

He turned to me with the weirdest smile on his face. And said, “Hi Mom, I am happy to see you too!”

I started the car. I drove home, while he rambled on. I was not listening. I just did not want to hear anymore of his lies!

Then I started to, “Pray to  G-d.”

“Please G-d take My Son, Into Your Mighty Hands.”

“Please Rid Him of The DEMON Inside”

” Please Give Him the Guidance to Do Something Good!”