December 19 2015

“Hello To All Mother’s Of Heroin Addicts” pg.1

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Hello To All Mother’s Of Heroin Addicts

I have read many stories of Mother’s who have grieved so unbearably over their child’s addiction. I have been in their shoes. The pain in your soul is so excruciating. Your Heart Is Broken. Your beliefs are shattered. The once sunny days are now bleak. Your curtains are drawn and your world is so dark. You are left in shock. You find yourself in a web of thoughts trying to make sense of it. Sadly with all of the pain and torment, you are left with a child that no longer responds to anything, other than,

” what They Need and Want”!

The stare that is on their face is uncanny. With blood shot eyes and grey skin. I wanted to shake him back to the day that I was taking him to McDonalds for dinner after a football game. Where he was the star quarter back, in his High School. Straight “A” student with honors!

But that was so long ago. You are left helpless.

But Not Hopeless!

I went through blaming myself. Thinking that I had missed something in his up bringing. Always questioning myself as to.

” what did I do wrong.”

I made myself so sick that I could no longer hold down food. I could not sleep, walking the floors all night trying to figure out a way to save My Son from this danger. We cannot save them. But we can make a difference, we have to loose the control that we once had over them while they have this addiction. The addiction is now in control and it will be until they are in a rehabilitation facility. After they are rehabilitated they come out as a person, that sometimes you feel you do not know. No longer your child as you once new him. With there own mind set as to what they have learned to survive. Because they have used heroin they must walk a road that is so long.

For the rest of their lives, everyday.

They are fighting the demon.


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About the Author

As the Mother of a, "Recovering Addict". I felt the need to write my story. It is my hope, that it will put a real face on the epidemic that is happening in our country. Knowledge, Courage and Love are what our children need to survive this crisis!


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