December 22 2015

Hello To All Mother’s Of Heroin Addicts pg. 4


Hello to all Mother’s of Heroin Addicts

Heroin will not Kill My Son!

I Am His Mother I will Be Strong

                  I began to feel hope again. I no longer was the enabler that he needed, for his addiction to Heroin.

I learned how to say a New Word,


I remember getting ready for work, I was putting on my make up. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a woman that had aged. I then stepped away and said to myself, “Are you finished killing yourself over this Heroin addiction that has afflicted your Son?!”

“ Do you want to die, or live to see your Son well enough to come to you and say

I Love You Mom?”

I got mad, not at My Son, I got Mad over the situation and that changed me. It brought me back to the living and prepared My Son. To see that his Mother, was concentrating on her life and not his. He needed for me to make him feel more independent in his thinking and see that I was not going to put up with this any longer. Of course inside I was the same person. This became a game of chance.

Going into a Rehabilitation Facility was My Son’s only Hope. He was there for about two weeks. I was able to visit. So, I decided to try and look my best. So, I dressed up. I wanted him to see that I was no longer crying. I wanted him to know that I was happy with the only choice that he had. I wanted to reassure him that…

“He was going to make it and have a life and a future”.

My faith allowed me to fight for My Son’s Life!

So, Dear Mother’s

I hope that my words have helped you in some way.

Try to be the strong woman that you were

before the “DEMON of Heroin” walked through your door!

Stand tall and fight for your Child’s Life, any way

that you know how. Live each day and take good care of

Yourself. Because no matter how old they are

they will always need Us! 

                    Love & Blessings                           





P.S. Here is the letter that I gave him that day!

My Dearest Son

There is an army behind you that is

standing tall and fighting with you.

We are your family

Your Brother, Sisters,

Grandmother & Grandfather

Aunts & Uncles


Mother & Father

We all have a great faith that, YOU WILL  SUCCEED!

The love of G-D

 Your Family and the People

you are with, and

Your Own, “ Self “!

Because we all Love You!

We know that you have the “Strength” to Fight for your life

and regain the person that is within you, and we are all right

there fighting, standing behind you and fighting with you.

You Are My Indian Warrior, My Hero. My Son.



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As the Mother of a, "Recovering Addict". I felt the need to write my story. It is my hope, that it will put a real face on the epidemic that is happening in our country. Knowledge, Courage and Love are what our children need to survive this crisis!

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