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It has to do with what is happening chemically to their Brain. The addiction begins because every time they use. They are searching for that “Incredible Feeling,” but it never returns! The Heroin itself, chemically makes the brain constantly want more of the drug.

So their insatiable hunger for the Drug, brings them through the gates of hell. With everyone in their lives that loves them. Also, it makes them do what ever they have to do get the drug.

Heroin is a disease of the brain and it effects every part of their body.

So Mother’s the best that we could do and the only thing is to just,

                             Love them.

It is so disheartening. They turn into someone that you do not even know.

I learned, that I had to get tough through this journey. It effected my whole family. All the crying and feelings of loss for a child that was addicted and who had no care for anyone else. If I did not get mad and start to take some kind of control over my sadness.

G-d knows that my sorrow would have surely destroyed me.

I was not only his mother, I had three other children that were going through their own pain. Do not let the Demon into your heart. Because of your sorrow it will consume you. That is a very dark place to be. So stop and think about your love, for not only the addicted child but f0r other family members in your life. When they are watching you beat yourself up and feeling helpless. They to will be upset and this feeling will grow like a weed through out all the people you know. It will destroy anyone in it’s path!

Get Mad and turn your sorrow for what is happening to Your Child into Living.

Show that Child that you are no longer going to put up with their manipulation.

They have learned very well how to manipulate.

Yes they are addicted to Heroin. But there is someplace in them that recognizes when someone that they love, is not going to take that exploitation any longer.

When I started to concentrate more on the family and took a step back from My Son’s addiction. That is when there was a big turn around in his life.

I pray everyday for My Son. I pray for my family.

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As the Mother of a, "Recovering Addict". I felt the need to write my story. It is my hope, that it will put a real face on the epidemic that is happening in our country. Knowledge, Courage and Love are what our children need to survive this crisis!

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