September 17 2015






I do not want to give the Drug pusher any glory. So through out my writings. This “Entity”, will be called, just what I think they are………


No, Mother should go through the anguish of seeing their child, captured by the evilness of, “Drugs”!

I am the Mother of four beautiful children. I am married and lived in the upper class of any town USA. My Husband a wonderful Father, who is a Veteran of this great country, worked hard to provide for our family. He never missed a day of work in, 35 years.

We tried to give our children a good up-bringing as our parents had given us. We gave our love equally and in abundance. Our youngest son is a beautiful man now, trying with all of his heart and soul to rid his body from a disease that is so wide spread in this Free land, of the USA.

“How is it“! That we live in the greatest country on the planet and “Drugs are taking hold of all of us in one way or another”? We see it on our TV sets every day. Almost one of every commercial is trying to push us to question if we need the drug that, they are advertising or not…

They say with a smiling voice, beautiful music, and happy people. Make sure you check with your, Doctor before taking the medication because it could cause adverse effects, or it just might kill you…. all together!

I have never seen so many commercials on the TV as what is being shown . It makes me wonder if they are the “Demon’s as well”?

Why, because our children watch the TV, they see these commercials. Ask yourself, maybe they are beginning to think, they need the medication. Is this what we should be allowing them to view?

Who makes it possible for us to view this? I think they should take these commercials off the air. Is it our “Government? Funny how, they are supposed to be protecting society from the very thing, that is putting our families in grave danger. Big companies benefit if we allow them to show these commercials. Sadly we are left with fear that a “Demon”, will casually come to our children. With an offering, which will destroy themselves, and their family.

They are, glorified “Demon’s”.

But, my claim is to my son! Who dared to invite him and my family, into this spiral of chaos. When your child walks out of your house immediately life changes, why? Because they, are then out into the world. Growing up, they are forever changing and making decisions by themselves, that parents are oblivious to.

The children of Our Great Land, are our future! We, as parents are supposed to nurture them. Because one day they will grow up and continue the process, in some way of running this country.

Don’t you think that it is time that we say enough! In the town I lived in every child that came into my home, that was friends with my son. Since the age of 8, wound up high. From the age of 16, it started with “POT”, and progressively from trying numerous substances as they grew. By the age of 20, they were already shooting themselves up with “Heroine!”

All, of them ended up in a Rehabilitation Center. I thank God, that they are all alive.

I am scratching my head…. Because as the years went on I did not know this was happening. “Oh, I had many of the Mothers calling me and crying that they had to send their boys to Re-hab. I new in my heart that something was very wrong.

“Not, my son, No it cannot be“!

Well… it can be anyones Son or Daughter.

Wake up ! Some of us just live in denial or we do not want to see it. Why, because it is so dreadful to even think, that your child is taking a needle and sticking it into his arm, or snorting and maybe popping pills. To make them feel good! Unknowingly, it can Kill them if they take another another, “Hit”.

“Oh yes, I have learned a lot about these Drug‘s“! Sadly, I also learned that …..

My Son was using them…………..

We live in a country that is the greatest in the world. We have the greatest power on the planet. We have “Free Speech.”  It is time to tell the people that we vote for to up hold their power and help the future of this great land. Help our Children live and grow in a country that cares about, their future.

Please take care of your children. There is an Amber Alert when a Child goes Missing. There should be an amber alert when the police know that there is a “DEMON” in your neighborhood. Because, my Son went Missing.

Take action put signs on your lawn, in front of your house……….

“Drug DEMONS are Not Welcome In Our Community”!