December 20 2015

“Hello To All Mother’s Of Heroin Addicts” pg. 2


 Hello To All Mothers Of Heroin Addicts

How do we survive when the people that are, Using Heroin are Our Children!

While My Son was in Rehab he had said to me, “Mom you can ask me anything you want and I will tell you the truth about how I started to use Heroin”!

So I asked him why, “He replied that the “Pills” he was using became to expensive.” He was using Oxycodone an opiate drug related to codeine. Use: pain relief, sedative. The Price was about $40.00 per pill! Depending on the milligram. One bag of Heroin costs about $6.00.

Finally the day arrived, My Son called his Father. We had not heard from him in a long time.

We stopped calling him. It was very hard for us to do this. But we felt that if he did not hear from us maybe he would be feeling some emotion that he had no resources left for his addiction.

 “When, there is no one that loves them there to help them. When they truly need help and they are Alone. When they are caught in a terrible situation and the fear of living the life that has consumed them is tearing them apart. You hope that they finally respond in some way of needing help!”

He was frantic on the phone.

“I need your help Dad, I want to go into Rehab now!”

My opinion from all that I have learned about Drug addiction is this…..

My Son made a very big “Mistake.“

Maybe his friends were doing drugs and he wanted to be apart of the group that he was with. They were always together from the day they were eight years old. Brothers! Each one of them leaned on the other. Each one of them went through rehab at different times but they are all, Recovering now and still they are together. Helping themselves to return to society and live good lives.

As his parent, we are very proud of his accomplishments going forward. He is living in a beautiful apartment sharing expenses with his friends. I had them all here for Thanksgiving. For me it was the greatest day. Seeing them sitting at my table once again. But so many years later now.

They always came to my house after school. They would all be playing football or baseball in the backyard. Eating whatever I had in the refrigerator. Watching TV or playing video games.

Thanksgiving they were no longer little children, but grown men that were so happy to have a home cooked meal and a kiss from me. I am so proud of all of them. Every night I pray for their well being.

My Husband and I have changed our focus. We are working on our future. As our Son is now on his own and working on himself. Seeing him now being very independent has given us a chance to free our minds of the turmoil that once was. And now begin a future for ourselves. Hoping one day to retire and enjoy waking up in the morning, not having to work for a company that expects more than you can give. All for a paycheck that is gone even before you get it.

This experience has given me a strength that I never new I had.

With every episode in My Son’s Addiction. I started to read and find out as much information as I could. Trying to understand what was going on with the addiction at that time.

Earlier in my writings I told you about a meeting that I was invited to when My Son first went into Rehab for the first time. In the next paragraph, I am writing my interpretation, from what I have learned, about someone who takes Heroin for the first time. This information is what has made me realize that this is an illness. A one time mistake that My Child made, that he has to deal with for the Rest Of His Life.

When they turn to Heroin, for the first time they get the most incredible feeling. Once they do this they are “Hooked”! There is no turning back.

There is no “Do Over”!




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