May 3 2016



She knelt by the cradle with such wonder, at who was laying inside.

Her very being was so exhilarated. Had she really given birth to this child? I waited my whole life for this moment she thought. Eyes tearing up, as she reached in to touch the most perfect site before her.

I never knew that this second would have to be the most special time in my life. Truly magnificent.

I came to know these moments as I gave birth to two more children.

When a little one was brought to me with the most adoring smile. Arms opened wide to accept me as someone other than Mommy. I became to know a love of no other kind. A shared love that grew into a true need for love. The only person who could have given,”that Mom love” was gone from here.

But she forever lives in the child’s heart.

 I am honored to give all my love to this beautiful child that I have always considered my own.

Such blessings come once and then you have the ability to watch as the child grows and takes on a role that makes you laugh as they grab whole of life and begin to find out what fits them the most, in a world that offers  everything.

Yes, they stumble alot and fall as they did while learning how to walk.

But, sooner or later they find their way and take flight. Sharing their love with another, as you stand on the side lines and watch not as fearful as before, because they have each other to hold onto.

Then a cradle is moved into the home and another miracle is on the way.

As Nana, I once again knelt down to catch a peek at the little one who laid inside. Through my tears of happiness. I came to recognize that beautiful face starring at me. The child resembled all of the people before him that were no longer of this world. Family tends to have the same features. Was that a smile that came to this tiny face? As if he read my thoughts and was acknowledging my feelings. Oh, this is a different love. This love has come from a child that I have given birth to. And had a child of her own. It is indescribable, so different as it is an extension of all that is possible in the world, that offers every thing.

Looking at my family I realize that I have everything. Because all that I have ever wanted is all around me. Everyday, I have the chance to be with the people that mean the most to me. To give my love to them and also to receive their love. This is what, the world that offers everything needs more of.

Love of family.



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December 23 2015

Happy Holiday

Merry X-Mas

From My Family To Yours *

  I Would Like To Wish You And Your Family

A Very Happy Holiday


      A Happy New Year!

     See You Next Year ……..

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September 10 2015

I Have A Son

cropped-hands-of-hope-or-death.jpgHe is tall, strong and kind. His smile lights up my heart. Have you ever met him? You would remember him as he has a great personality and he loves his family. Have you ever spoke to him? He has not much to say as I feel, he fell into a very deep hole and has a hard time expressing himself around family. I have been looking for him for a long, long time. Do you think he is having a problem? My Son… Maybe you could help him if you have met him. Have you seen him? Please tell me. Have you seen him? I do not think he knows how deep the hole is! I cannot find him.

I Miss Him….Have you seen My son? Can you find him and bring him home to me?

I miss you Son..

I want to see the love in your eyes again. Not this blank deep stare that you show. Not your sallow skin. That was once pink. Not the lips that move with the sound
of needing something that, will one day, destroy the man that I call my Son.

If  I could turn back the clock. If I had the power I surely would! How did this happen? Why did this happen? Am I, to be blamed for this travesty. I think of all the times while you were growing up that I tried to keep you safe.

If he called out very loud and shouted my name. I would Hear him… But I cannot? He does not want to be heard. “I know you have him and you will not tell me, you have a grip on my Son”!You are holding on so tight to him.

You are trying to Ravage him. Because that’s what you do. As you have Ravaged so many, “Son’s & Daughter’s”, before him.

I know your name, I know who you are…………

Tell My Son I Love Him……………..

When he calls on you for the Next hit, the Next snort! The Next High!

I have a beautiful SON!

I do not know where He is………….

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