December 12 2015

A Mother’s Great Sadness


A Child Died Today!

A Parents Worst Nightmare

Only Memories of what was

Of what could have been


If the Whisperer did not take

Their Beloved Away From

Loving Arms

A Boy That Was

Their Child Died Today

Left Them to Cry and Scream

for They will

Never Again,

Never Have to Worry

Again if He

is Coming Home

A Young Man Died


He was my friend

We had a Great Time Together

Playing Ball

A Man Died


in the Morning

There was a Whisper

He Thought He Heard Someone

Looking back

but there was, No One There


What was that?

He Thought

was Someone Talking to Him

From Far Away

He could not make it out

The Sun was Going Down

Alone in His Room,

Looking in the Mirror now,

He Saw Himself

and Something Beside Him

“Oh It’s You”! he said,

Leave Me Alone

I do not need you anymore

Oh But You Do,

it Whispered…..

Someone’s Child Died Today!

 I am saddened by, the loss of a friend of My Son’s. So many have passed away from, this terrible disease. There is Hope for the future.

                                Advice from Your Mother……  “If You Ever Hear a Whisper Call ME!”


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