February 13 2016


girl clock


Inside my self, I am sixteen. It seems……

Looking forward to life with all the wonder and the excitement of a teenager. But the face in the mirror, that is staring back at me has a look of a life that has seen more than it’s share of reality.

I must have aged while sleeping. Because I do not remember how or when aches and pains started to bother me. Or when I started to buy more make-up than usual.

“Trying to look, more like my younger self!” J

Time seems to tick faster and the days start to pass more quickly, than I remember.

I am beginning to recall the past more frequently now. My Children grown and on their own. Remembering my life so busy all the time. Enjoying each day with them was a gift. Now my grand child is a reminder of passed days. He is the future of our family. Bright and energetic, smart and warm hearted. He is my Joy.

“I am so thankful for all 0f them.”

It makes me laugh now, that I am “Older”, how people treat me. Being a Teacher, my Students sometimes call me “Mom”. I teach Cosmetology. My Students are older than sixteen. Some of them are in their thirties and others are older. I have taught for over thirty five years now. In this time the one important thing that I have learned from my experience is that, ”no matter how old you are or the people you know are, everyone needs to be excepted for who they are and loved. They are on a new adventure. These young adults, have families and children. With their daily struggles of life, they have made it a quest to learn how to survive in this world. But, they are also children in a way. Celebrating their triumphs and teaching them to have confidence is my mission. Confidence to learn something that will take them to a new level, in their lives. Where they will be a licensed professionals. Respected, needed and loved.

This is also, how I am treated by them. My Sixteen year old self, smiles and sez, “Did you ever think you would be so lucky!”

“As far as aging, I never wanted to miss a good party, so I guess I will dress up everyday. And keep wearing make-up”!