May 3 2016



She knelt by the cradle with such wonder, at who was laying inside.

Her very being was so exhilarated. Had she really given birth to this child? I waited my whole life for this moment she thought. Eyes tearing up, as she reached in to touch the most perfect site before her.

I never knew that this second would have to be the most special time in my life. Truly magnificent.

I came to know these moments as I gave birth to two more children.

When a little one was brought to me with the most adoring smile. Arms opened wide to accept me as someone other than Mommy. I became to know a love of no other kind. A shared love that grew into a true need for love. The only person who could have given,”that Mom love” was gone from here.

But she forever lives in the child’s heart.

 I am honored to give all my love to this beautiful child that I have always considered my own.

Such blessings come once and then you have the ability to watch as the child grows and takes on a role that makes you laugh as they grab whole of life and begin to find out what fits them the most, in a world that offers  everything.

Yes, they stumble alot and fall as they did while learning how to walk.

But, sooner or later they find their way and take flight. Sharing their love with another, as you stand on the side lines and watch not as fearful as before, because they have each other to hold onto.

Then a cradle is moved into the home and another miracle is on the way.

As Nana, I once again knelt down to catch a peek at the little one who laid inside. Through my tears of happiness. I came to recognize that beautiful face starring at me. The child resembled all of the people before him that were no longer of this world. Family tends to have the same features. Was that a smile that came to this tiny face? As if he read my thoughts and was acknowledging my feelings. Oh, this is a different love. This love has come from a child that I have given birth to. And had a child of her own. It is indescribable, so different as it is an extension of all that is possible in the world, that offers every thing.

Looking at my family I realize that I have everything. Because all that I have ever wanted is all around me. Everyday, I have the chance to be with the people that mean the most to me. To give my love to them and also to receive their love. This is what, the world that offers everything needs more of.

Love of family.



January 9 2016


Flakka (Alpha-PVP)


What are the street names/slang terms?

Flakka, Gravel

What is it?

Flakka is the street name for a synthetic cathinone named

alpha-pyrrolidinopentiophenone (Alpha-PVP). It is chemically similar to other

synthetic drugs known as “Bath Salts.” These synthetics mimic cathinone, an

amphetamine-like stimulant found naturally in the khat plant.

What does it look like?

Flakka comes in the form of white or pink crystals.

How is it used?

Flakka is ingested by eating, snorting, injecting or vaporizing (similar to an e-cigarette).

What are it short term effects?

Flakka can cause “excited delirium,” which includes hyper-stimulation, paranoia and

hallucinations. It can dangerously raise body temperature and lead to kidney damage

and failure. Flakka can also lead to violent aggression and self-injury, and has been linked to suicides and heart attacks.

What are its long-term effects?


Source: National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA); Drug Enforcement Agency (WebMD Health News

Reviewed by Hansa D. Bhargava, MD


‘$5 Insanity’: What You Should Know About Flakka

WebMD Health News

May 21, 2015

Flakka, a new designer drug, is surging in popularity. Poison control centers in states including Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas are responding to an increasing number of incidents involving it.

Here’s what you need to know:

What is flakka?

It’s a man-made stimulant called an alphaPVP. It’s similar to “bath salts,” another dangerous drug that’s grabbed headlines in recent years.

Its off-white, coarse crystals sell for as little as $5 a hit. The name comes from la flaca, a Spanish club-slang term for a sexy, skinny girl.

“It looks like aquarium gravel,” says Alfred Aleguas, PharmD, managing director of the Florida Poison Information Center, Tampa.

How is it used?

People have tried taking it in a number of ways, says Jeffrey Bernstein, MD, medical director of the Florida Poison Information Center, Miami.

Those ways include:

  • Snorting

  • Mixing with food

  • Drinking like a tea

  • Pressing into pill form

  • Inserting it into the rectum

  • Vaping in an e-cigarette

  • Injecting

“With injecting, you’re really asking for trouble, because the drug is likely to be cut with … dirt, with talc, who knows what else — and you’re putting all that in your veins,” Bernstein says.

How does it work on the brain?

Users feel a sense of euphoria, Bernstein says. “It plays with your neurotransmitters, [brain chemicals] like dopamine and serotonin.”

That can lead to a state called excited or agitated delirium in a high that lasts for several hours.

What are the risks?

People who are high on flakka often lose touch with reality, Aleguas says.

“They don’t know what they’re doing, they’re hallucinating, they’re paranoid, they’re aggressive, they’re super-agitated,” he says. “That’s why you see news stories of people running down the street naked, banging on cars in traffic and just crazy, crazy stuff.”

Other health effects that Aleguas and Bernstein often see include:

Another dangerous effect is hyperthermia, or elevated body temperature, which Bernstein says can reach 108 degrees. At that temperature, he says, blood can no longer clot and a person starts to bleed internally.

“They bleed and they go into multi-organ failure,” he says. “Lung, liver, kidney, and brain injury can each occur when their temperature stays too high for too long.”

In an emergency room, doctors attempt to cool the person, to calm them. They may also use diazepam, midazolam, or another similar drug to slow a user’s heartbeat.

“We give them symptomatic and supportive care, try to keep them from hurting themselves and hospital staff,” he says.

Who’s using flakka?

Bernstein says most users are male and in their teens, 20s, or 30s, although some are older.

“I haven’t seen any regular users,” he says. “It tends to be used sporadically and is associated with concerts and parties and things like that.”

And those users don’t always know what they’re getting, says Bernstein, who gets a call about flakka every day, and more on the weekends. About one-third of calls are from users looking for help, he says, while the others are from emergency personnel caring for users and looking for guidance.

“There’s no quality control on the street, so no one knows for sure what they’re taking,” he says. “Just because they bought something called flakka, no one knows if that’s really what they used, much less what kind of concentration you’re getting. It’s an unknown drug at an unknown dose, and any dose is abuse.”


Alfred Aleguas, BS Pharm, PharmD, D.ABAT, managing director, Florida Poison Information Center, Tampa, FL.

Jeffrey Bernstein, MD, medical director, Florida Poison Information Center, Miami.



December 22 2015

Hello To All Mother’s Of Heroin Addicts pg. 4


Hello to all Mother’s of Heroin Addicts

Heroin will not Kill My Son!

I Am His Mother I will Be Strong

                  I began to feel hope again. I no longer was the enabler that he needed, for his addiction to Heroin.

I learned how to say a New Word,


I remember getting ready for work, I was putting on my make up. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a woman that had aged. I then stepped away and said to myself, “Are you finished killing yourself over this Heroin addiction that has afflicted your Son?!”

“ Do you want to die, or live to see your Son well enough to come to you and say

I Love You Mom?”

I got mad, not at My Son, I got Mad over the situation and that changed me. It brought me back to the living and prepared My Son. To see that his Mother, was concentrating on her life and not his. He needed for me to make him feel more independent in his thinking and see that I was not going to put up with this any longer. Of course inside I was the same person. This became a game of chance.

Going into a Rehabilitation Facility was My Son’s only Hope. He was there for about two weeks. I was able to visit. So, I decided to try and look my best. So, I dressed up. I wanted him to see that I was no longer crying. I wanted him to know that I was happy with the only choice that he had. I wanted to reassure him that…

“He was going to make it and have a life and a future”.

My faith allowed me to fight for My Son’s Life!

So, Dear Mother’s

I hope that my words have helped you in some way.

Try to be the strong woman that you were

before the “DEMON of Heroin” walked through your door!

Stand tall and fight for your Child’s Life, any way

that you know how. Live each day and take good care of

Yourself. Because no matter how old they are

they will always need Us! 

                    Love & Blessings                           





P.S. Here is the letter that I gave him that day!

My Dearest Son

There is an army behind you that is

standing tall and fighting with you.

We are your family

Your Brother, Sisters,

Grandmother & Grandfather

Aunts & Uncles


Mother & Father

We all have a great faith that, YOU WILL  SUCCEED!

The love of G-D

 Your Family and the People

you are with, and

Your Own, “ Self “!

Because we all Love You!

We know that you have the “Strength” to Fight for your life

and regain the person that is within you, and we are all right

there fighting, standing behind you and fighting with you.

You Are My Indian Warrior, My Hero. My Son.



December 21 2015




It has to do with what is happening chemically to their Brain. The addiction begins because every time they use. They are searching for that “Incredible Feeling,” but it never returns! The Heroin itself, chemically makes the brain constantly want more of the drug.

So their insatiable hunger for the Drug, brings them through the gates of hell. With everyone in their lives that loves them. Also, it makes them do what ever they have to do get the drug.

Heroin is a disease of the brain and it effects every part of their body.

So Mother’s the best that we could do and the only thing is to just,

                             Love them.

It is so disheartening. They turn into someone that you do not even know.

I learned, that I had to get tough through this journey. It effected my whole family. All the crying and feelings of loss for a child that was addicted and who had no care for anyone else. If I did not get mad and start to take some kind of control over my sadness.

G-d knows that my sorrow would have surely destroyed me.

I was not only his mother, I had three other children that were going through their own pain. Do not let the Demon into your heart. Because of your sorrow it will consume you. That is a very dark place to be. So stop and think about your love, for not only the addicted child but f0r other family members in your life. When they are watching you beat yourself up and feeling helpless. They to will be upset and this feeling will grow like a weed through out all the people you know. It will destroy anyone in it’s path!

Get Mad and turn your sorrow for what is happening to Your Child into Living.

Show that Child that you are no longer going to put up with their manipulation.

They have learned very well how to manipulate.

Yes they are addicted to Heroin. But there is someplace in them that recognizes when someone that they love, is not going to take that exploitation any longer.

When I started to concentrate more on the family and took a step back from My Son’s addiction. That is when there was a big turn around in his life.

I pray everyday for My Son. I pray for my family.

December 20 2015

“Hello To All Mother’s Of Heroin Addicts” pg. 2


 Hello To All Mothers Of Heroin Addicts

How do we survive when the people that are, Using Heroin are Our Children!

While My Son was in Rehab he had said to me, “Mom you can ask me anything you want and I will tell you the truth about how I started to use Heroin”!

So I asked him why, “He replied that the “Pills” he was using became to expensive.” He was using Oxycodone an opiate drug related to codeine. Use: pain relief, sedative. The Price was about $40.00 per pill! Depending on the milligram. One bag of Heroin costs about $6.00.

Finally the day arrived, My Son called his Father. We had not heard from him in a long time.

We stopped calling him. It was very hard for us to do this. But we felt that if he did not hear from us maybe he would be feeling some emotion that he had no resources left for his addiction.

 “When, there is no one that loves them there to help them. When they truly need help and they are Alone. When they are caught in a terrible situation and the fear of living the life that has consumed them is tearing them apart. You hope that they finally respond in some way of needing help!”

He was frantic on the phone.

“I need your help Dad, I want to go into Rehab now!”

My opinion from all that I have learned about Drug addiction is this…..

My Son made a very big “Mistake.“

Maybe his friends were doing drugs and he wanted to be apart of the group that he was with. They were always together from the day they were eight years old. Brothers! Each one of them leaned on the other. Each one of them went through rehab at different times but they are all, Recovering now and still they are together. Helping themselves to return to society and live good lives.

As his parent, we are very proud of his accomplishments going forward. He is living in a beautiful apartment sharing expenses with his friends. I had them all here for Thanksgiving. For me it was the greatest day. Seeing them sitting at my table once again. But so many years later now.

They always came to my house after school. They would all be playing football or baseball in the backyard. Eating whatever I had in the refrigerator. Watching TV or playing video games.

Thanksgiving they were no longer little children, but grown men that were so happy to have a home cooked meal and a kiss from me. I am so proud of all of them. Every night I pray for their well being.

My Husband and I have changed our focus. We are working on our future. As our Son is now on his own and working on himself. Seeing him now being very independent has given us a chance to free our minds of the turmoil that once was. And now begin a future for ourselves. Hoping one day to retire and enjoy waking up in the morning, not having to work for a company that expects more than you can give. All for a paycheck that is gone even before you get it.

This experience has given me a strength that I never new I had.

With every episode in My Son’s Addiction. I started to read and find out as much information as I could. Trying to understand what was going on with the addiction at that time.

Earlier in my writings I told you about a meeting that I was invited to when My Son first went into Rehab for the first time. In the next paragraph, I am writing my interpretation, from what I have learned, about someone who takes Heroin for the first time. This information is what has made me realize that this is an illness. A one time mistake that My Child made, that he has to deal with for the Rest Of His Life.

When they turn to Heroin, for the first time they get the most incredible feeling. Once they do this they are “Hooked”! There is no turning back.

There is no “Do Over”!




December 19 2015

“Hello To All Mother’s Of Heroin Addicts” pg.1

hands and heart

Hello To All Mother’s Of Heroin Addicts

I have read many stories of Mother’s who have grieved so unbearably over their child’s addiction. I have been in their shoes. The pain in your soul is so excruciating. Your Heart Is Broken. Your beliefs are shattered. The once sunny days are now bleak. Your curtains are drawn and your world is so dark. You are left in shock. You find yourself in a web of thoughts trying to make sense of it. Sadly with all of the pain and torment, you are left with a child that no longer responds to anything, other than,

” what They Need and Want”!

The stare that is on their face is uncanny. With blood shot eyes and grey skin. I wanted to shake him back to the day that I was taking him to McDonalds for dinner after a football game. Where he was the star quarter back, in his High School. Straight “A” student with honors!

But that was so long ago. You are left helpless.

But Not Hopeless!

I went through blaming myself. Thinking that I had missed something in his up bringing. Always questioning myself as to.

” what did I do wrong.”

I made myself so sick that I could no longer hold down food. I could not sleep, walking the floors all night trying to figure out a way to save My Son from this danger. We cannot save them. But we can make a difference, we have to loose the control that we once had over them while they have this addiction. The addiction is now in control and it will be until they are in a rehabilitation facility. After they are rehabilitated they come out as a person, that sometimes you feel you do not know. No longer your child as you once new him. With there own mind set as to what they have learned to survive. Because they have used heroin they must walk a road that is so long.

For the rest of their lives, everyday.

They are fighting the demon.


December 12 2015

A Mother’s Great Sadness


A Child Died Today!

A Parents Worst Nightmare

Only Memories of what was

Of what could have been


If the Whisperer did not take

Their Beloved Away From

Loving Arms

A Boy That Was

Their Child Died Today

Left Them to Cry and Scream

for They will

Never Again,

Never Have to Worry

Again if He

is Coming Home

A Young Man Died


He was my friend

We had a Great Time Together

Playing Ball

A Man Died


in the Morning

There was a Whisper

He Thought He Heard Someone

Looking back

but there was, No One There


What was that?

He Thought

was Someone Talking to Him

From Far Away

He could not make it out

The Sun was Going Down

Alone in His Room,

Looking in the Mirror now,

He Saw Himself

and Something Beside Him

“Oh It’s You”! he said,

Leave Me Alone

I do not need you anymore

Oh But You Do,

it Whispered…..

Someone’s Child Died Today!

 I am saddened by, the loss of a friend of My Son’s. So many have passed away from, this terrible disease. There is Hope for the future.

                                Advice from Your Mother……  “If You Ever Hear a Whisper Call ME!”


December 5 2015

Parents XV

          Suprised parents 1

Dear Parents,

This article is so important. The information you are about to read will surprise you. There is no end to what our children are trying to get high on these days. We have to be so careful with what  we leave around the house. Practice locking this stuff up!


Parents Kids what will they think of next

Drug and alcohol abuse by kids is a major concern of parents, health experts and even government officials. We’ve had the ‘War on Drugs,’ ‘Just Say No’ campaign, as well as in-school anti-drug education programs, all in an effort to inform kids and keep them safe. Does it work? For some kids, yes it does. Drug use for them goes no further than a quick sniff of that magic-marker or the sharp scent from that new tube of model glue. For many kids, however, experimenting with alcohol and drugs is common and even seen as normal. Odds are that you or your friends enjoyed more than a few beers while under the legal age. A significant number of kids also try more accessible drugs like marijuana or mushrooms before they even leave high school. Generally, a small proportion of these kids move on to harder drugs and develop severe addiction issues. The rest leave the experimentation behind them and move on with life.

It seems like every few years there comes a news story or article which alerts the population to some new drug trend among the younger generations. These alerts are not about kids smoking pot. Those stories belong in the 1980s. A couple of years ago bath salts were the big story. Not to be confused with what you put in the tub when you want a relaxing soak, bath salts were a legally obtainable, over the counter substance available at many convenience stores. A concoction of chemicals and typically containing the stimulant Methylenedioxypyrovalerone, bath salts cause hallucinations, heart problems, high blood pressure and suicidal thoughts in those who snorted, smoked or injected the substance. Of course, the news media, as they always do, focused on bath salt use to the point where we all thought every kid was doing it. Until a new drug trend came along.

The following list looks at 15 of the more strange and bizarre (and stupid) ways kids have tried to get high or get a buzz. There are no ‘mainstream’ drugs here. Meth, coke, pot, bath salts, lsd and the rest have no place in this list because, crazily enough, they are too mainstream and ‘normal.’ After reading through this list you won’t look at your home in the same way again. You might as well change your name to Walter White (Bryan Cranston’s character on Breaking Bad – for those of you who don’t know) because when you see what kids have been using to get high, your house might as well be a meth lab.

2 duster

15. ‘Dusting’

Inhalant abuse, or “huffing” is not a new method kids use to get high. It’s been around for a long time. Cans of compressed air can be found in most homes with computers and can be purchased very easily and inexpensively. While the intended use of compressed air products, like ‘Dust Off,’ are for keeping keyboards and computers clean, kids have found another use. Inhaling the product’s hydrocarbons creates a state of temporary paralysis and oxygen depravation. It can also damage organs and cause death. Parents are warned to look out for strange smelling kids, dazed looks and a quickly diminishing supply of compressed air products. So, basically just keep an eye on your cans of Dust Off.

14. Mothballs

This one is strange and shows that kids will try anything to get a buzz. Another substance in the “huffing” category of drug use, Mothballs are another common household product. The gas emitted by Mothballs is meant to keep hungry insects away from your clothes. Turns out it also attracts kids looking to get high. Placing the product in a bag and breathing the gas causes light headedness and dizziness. Users become mentally impaired, lose coordination and can even develop scaly skin as the body tries to break down the chemicals being inhaled. The next time you visit the grandparents, keep an eye on the kids. While they may appear interested in Grandpa’s war stories, it could all be a cover as they try to get to the mothballs stashed in the closet.

purp 3

13. Purple Drank

Made popular by rappers in the 1990s, Purple Drank, also known as ‘Texas Tea’, ‘Sizzurp’ or just ‘Drank,’ is another substance which continues to be used by kids to get high. Purple Drank is just cough syrup mixed with Sprite or Mountain Dew and, sometimes candy like Jolly Ranchers to add sweetness. At the core of this concoction is codeine, the drug found in prescription strength cough syrup. Popularized in hip-hop culture and reportedly consumed by Justin Bieber, Purple Drank causes a mild euphoria in users. It also produces lethargy and drowsiness and can, if taken in high enough doses, depress the nervous system and cause a person to stop breathing. High sugar content has also been linked to excessive weight gain and tooth decay.


12. Choking Game

This stands out on the list because it is not a drug. Kids do it, however, to get the same sensation they normally would from huffing. In short, the choking game involves cutting off the flow of blood to the brain to the point that the person passes out or starts to black out. Once the flow of blood to the brain is restored the burst of oxygen to the brain creates a warm, euphoric and tingly sensation. Hands, belts and ropes are common tools used and kids often believe this method of getting a buzz is safer because it involves no drug use. So young and so stupid.


11. Hand Sanitizer

It’s supposed to go on your hands to kill germs. Some kids decided that you could drink it and get really drunk fast. Sanitizers, like Purell, contain upwards of 60% ethanol. This means that just a couple ounces taken orally is the equivalent to having a couple shots of vodka. Like regular alcoholic drinks, too much can have serious side effects, including impaired motor function, memory loss, organ damage and drop in blood sugar.


10. Catnip

If teenage drug abuse studies have shown us anything it’s that kids will eat, drink or smoke anything in an effort to get high. Enter catnip. Most people know catnip as the plant which makes your cat act like a complete idiot. As far as human consumption goes, catnip was actually smoked by people in the 1960s as an alternative to marijuana. The fad has returned as kids turn to the feline narcotic to get their own fix. Taken orally or smoked, catnip can cause relaxation, mild euphoria or giddiness. Side effects can include nausea, headaches and people making fun of you. If you notice a teenager rolling around meowing or batting a ball of yarn, call 911. Chances are their catnip was laced with something.

whip-it9. Whip-Its

Known as Hippie Crack, nitrous oxide is a well known party drug. Beyond that, the dentist uses it to prep for surgery and Paul Walker even used it to make flames shoot out of his Mitsubishi Eclipse in the Fast and Furious. The most readily accessible source of whip-its can be found in the dairy section of your grocery store. In cans of whipped cream, nitrous oxide is used to expel the product from the can. Inhaling this substance (the nitrous, not the whipped cream) causes euphoria among users. It can also cause frost-bite, organ damage, suffocation and death. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reported that in a year, over 700,000 kids tried inhalants like whip-its. It’s not limited to kids though. Even Demi Moore was hospitalized after reportedly suffering whip-it induced seizures.

8. Freon

Freon is the gas used in your freezer and refrigerator to keep things cold. If you breath it in, like whip-its, it can get you high. Kids have figured out that the family air-conditioner also has freon in it. This has reportedly led to them taking a screw-driver to the A/C unit in order to inhale the gas. In recent years, technicians and repairmen have reported an increase in calls related to Freon loss in air conditioner units. In addition to euphoria, huffing freon can cause liver, heart and brain damage as well as death. It can also cause severe frostbite on the face and airway.


7. Potpourri and ‘Incense’

This is not the stuff your mom or wife puts out to make the place smell nice. It may look like ‘regular’ potpourri, but the substance kids are smoking is along the lines of synthetic marijuana. The product was sold legally in gas stations and convenience stores. Its main chemical was never meant for human consumption and the dangers are increased by a host of other unknown chemicals often added to the potpourri mixture. While kids look for a euphoric high, side effects are known to include convulsions, hallucinations, paranoia and seizures. Experts even point out that trying to get high with potpourri is more expensive than using marijuana, the drug it is trying to mimic.



6. Burt’s Bees

There’s a new drug term being used today – beezin’. It refers to kids who have found a bizarre way to use Burt’s Bees products to get a high. Burt’s Bees produces a line of all-natural and organic products which include toothpastes, shampoos and balms. Kids have discovered that putting the company’s lip balm on your eyelids can create a tingly high. Experts say the peppermint oil is what causes the sensation. Side effects aren’t really known but boredom and lower than average intelligence must be a prerequisite to try something so weird.


5. I-Dosing

This method requires no substances but instead uses music to produce a ‘digital high.’ Utilizing stereo headphones, the user listens to a different sound or beat in each ear. The result is that the listener experiences a distinct sound ‘inside’ their head. Some have reported feelings and sensations similar to using marijuana or acid. Experts say the music can upset the body rhythm and sleep cycle patterns. We here at The Richest are pretty sure this was already done decades ago by Jimi Hendrix. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go watch Wizard of Oz while listening to Pink Floyd.


4. Vodka Tampons or Vodka Eyeballing

Kids are always sticking things where they don’t belong. Over the past few years there has been a surge in bizarre methods of alcohol consumption. Turns out they are soaking tampons in alcohol and sticking them where the sun doesn’t shine or pouring the alcohol directly into their eyes. The logic is simple, if stupid, that the thinner skin membrane and concentrated blood vessels found in these ‘certain’ areas allows alcohol to be absorbed faster. This is true but the problem is that the alcohol goes straight into the blood stream in a higher concentration than if it had been processed by the liver first. While it appears the media have made a bigger story of this than it actually is, those who do try this can face alcohol poisoning or damage to their eyes.


3. Nutmeg

Continuing our trip up the wrung of the crazy drug use ladder, we arrive at nutmeg. Yes, that’s right, nutmeg. Nutmeg oil contains a tiny amount of myristicin, a psychoactive drug. Apparently kids have been eating/drinking and smoking this spice in order to get some form of high. Reported experiences appear to vary from a slight ‘buzz’ to full on hallucinations. Other side effects include drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, headaches and dizziness. It appears any effects of nutmeg require hours to manifest and can last for days at a time. Long enough to realize that you could have used the nutmeg to bake yourself up something tasty and useful.



2. Snorting Smarties

This is just plain stupid. We all probably remember someone in grade school who was bet to eat something gross or stick something up their nose. Turns out the future geniuses of the world are now crushing up Smarties (aka Rockets) and snorting them. Yes, we see the irony in this. The only thing worth saying about this ‘trend’ is that one side effect is reported to be the possibility of getting nasal maggots. That’s right, snort food up your nose and you could end up with maggots. What’s next? I wonder if I can smoke that loaf of bread?



1. Jenkem

We’ll just save you some time here; Jenkem is fermented human waste. Now, for those of you who want to carry on, the ride is about to depart. The use of Jenkem reportedly originated in Africa in the 1990s. Stories of its use in North America, fuelled by the media over the last decade, have been shown to be urban legend or hoax. Logically (if we can use that word here) inhaling the naturally produced methane would contribute to any “high” as oxygen levels would lower inside the body. That said, if kids are willing to snort Smarties and smoke nutmeg, we are willing to wager that somewhere there is a group of kids who have tried to ride the Brown Dragon. The whole thing is just so ridiculous that it deserves to be #1.


November 24 2015



Can spirituality promote a healthier physical life for your family? Recent medical studies indicate that spiritual people are less prone to self-destructive behaviors (suicide, smoking, and drug and alcohol abuse, for example), and have less stress and a greater total life satisfaction.

Much of the research linking spiritual and physical health has involved elderly patients; however, the data offer a glimpse into a possible tie between a spiritual life and good health for people of all ages.

Although spirituality has been shown to reduce depression, improve blood pressure, and boost the immune system, religious beliefs should not interfere with the medical care kids receive.

So what exactly is spirituality and how can it enhance your family’s health?

Spirituality and Physical Health

Doctors and scientists once avoided the study of spirituality in connection to medicine, but more recent findings have made some take a second look. Studies show that religion and faith can help to promote good health and fight disease by:

offering additional social supports, such as religious outreach groupsimproving coping skills through prayer and a philosophy that all things have a purpose


Although research on kids hasn’t been done, many studies focusing on adults point to the positive effects of spirituality on medical outcome:

In a 7-year study of senior citizens, religious involvement was associated with less physical disability and less depression. Death rates were lower than expected before an important religious holiday, which suggested to researchers that faith might have postponed death in these cases.Elderly people who regularly attended religious services had healthier immune systems than those who didn’t. They were also more likely to have consistently lower blood pressure.

Patients undergoing open-heart surgery who received strength and comfort from their religion were three times more likely to survive than those who had no religious ties.


Spirituality and Mental Health

Religious and spiritual beliefs are an important part of how many people deal with life’s joys and hardships. Faith can give people a sense of purpose and guidelines for living.

When families face tough situations, including health problems, their religious beliefs and practices can help them fight feelings of helplessness, restore meaning and order to life situations, and help them regain a sense of control. For some families, spirituality can be a powerful and important source of strength.

Medical studies have confirmed that spirituality can have a profound effect on mental states. In a study of men who were hospitalized, nearly half rated religion as helpful in coping with their illness. A second study showed that the more religious patients were, the more quickly they recovered from some disorders. A third study revealed that high levels of hope and optimism, key factors in fighting depression, were found among those who strictly practiced their religion

Can Spiritual Beliefs Enhance Parenting?

Attending organized religious services may help some families connect with their spiritual values, but it’s not the only way. Less traditional paths also can help kids and parents find spiritual meaning.

To foster spirituality within your own family, you may want to examine your own values. Ask yourself: What is important to me? How well do my daily activities mirror my values? Do I neglect issues that matter to me because I’m busy spending time on things that matter less?

Here are other suggestions to start your family’s spiritual journey:


Explore your roots. In examining your shared past, you and your kids may connect with values of earlier times and places, and gain a sense of your extended family’s history and values.

Examine your involvement in the community. If you’re already involved in a group, maybe you will want to take on a larger role — first for you, then as a role model for your kids. If you haven’t joined a community group, consider investigating those in your area.

Recall the feelings you had at the birth or adoption of your child. Try to get back to that moment in your mind, remembering the hopes and dreams you had. It can be the start of a search for similar or related feelings in your everyday life.

Share some silence with your kids. Take a few minutes for silent meditation alone or together. Think about parenthood, your life as an individual, and your place in the larger scheme of things. Spend time discussing these thoughts with your kids and listen to their ideas on what spirituality means.

Take a nature walk. Nature has long been an inspiration and spiritual guide. A walk will relax you and allow you to contemplate the wonders of the world around you.

Read books that express spiritual ideas with your kids and share your thoughts about what you’re reading.


This search can be conducted on your own or as part of a larger group — a religious community, friends, or your own family. Making a spiritual journey might help you and your family live a healthier life, both emotionally and physically.

Reviewed by: Steven Dowshen, MD
Date reviewed: August 2014

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